Happy New Year*

This morning when I woke up I wanted to share yuletide greetings with the larger IPAS mental health family. I wanted to take a moment to speak positive affirmations of worth, love, and strength into the lives and future of our mental health community. But instead I woke up to this New York Times headline:

“Black Doctor Dies of Covid-19 After Complaining of Racist Treatment”

Full article can be found here

This article reminded me of the work we (providers) still have to do. This article reminded me of the reason why IPAS clinicians have come together as a mental health community to support and affirm the needs of all people in a respectful, culturally attuned, evidenced based manner. This article reminded me of IPAS’s ultimate mission: To provide quality mental health care to the BIPOC, MaGes, LGBTQIA communities in a safe and supportive space.

So as we embark on this New Year, IPAS mental health is proud to provide the needed outreach and mental health support for all communities that is safe and respectful of your unique experience. To learn more about our clinicians please reach out to us at ipasinc.net or follow us on Instagram or Facebook.

Wishing you the best and safest of holiday seasons!

About Stephanie Williams, PhD
Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Stephanie Williams, PhD, is the founder and clinical director of Integrated Psychological Assessment Services which is licensed in the state of California. IPAS staff are an group of inclusive therapists that focuses on the connection between what we think, feel and do, and how changes can improve one’s life. IPAS believes in empowering people to help them grow, change, or just deal with the daily demands of life.  Call IPAS today to see how the right therapist can help you : 408-359-6700.